Americas Latino Eco Festival History


To promote environmental awareness and create a platform for dialogue and mobilization for a just society to ensure that everyone has access to a healthy environment.


ALEF is the environmental campaign of Americas for Conservation + the Arts (501c3) (AFC+A), aiming to strengthen the voice of the Latino community on issues relating to climate change and environmental justice. The event will showcase celebrities, experts in the arts and sciences, and community and public policy leaders, as they propose solutions to inspire our communities to take an active role in claiming leadership in the browning of the conservation movement.


Since its inception in 2013, ALEF has called over five hundred "colegas" of both continents "home" here in Colorado. These thought leaders have come together from diverse backgrounds and work areas to discuss novel solutions to the challenges arising from environmental degradation and most urgently, climate change, as well as to celebrate Latinos' long time interest, and natural roots, to public lands, protection of our natural resources, clean air advocacy, and water stewardship. The scope and passion that has emerged from the first three editions of ALEF has led to a rich intersectionality resulting in over one hundred collaborations across the region, the nation, and the Americas.

This seeding "home" that ALEF is quickly growing into has been instrumental in amplifying Latino conservation values and advancing an integrated conservation movement. Today minorities make up 40% of the US population but only 13% of environmental organizations. ALEF’s unique contribution to reducing the “Environmental Inclusion Gap,” is more important and urgent than ever.

This October 13-15 2016 ALEF will host the exciting mix of elements our communities and sponsors value and will add potent new aspects like the 4th grader Bio Blitz which will be offered in partnership with the US Forest Service and Audubon Rockies. ALEF will also showcase in various programming “Every Kid in a Park”, an initiative launched by President Obama in 2015 so fourth graders and their families can ould discover our wildlife, resources, and history for free.

Final Sponsor AFCA ALEF Board 3

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